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Our Clinician:  Samantha Thompson Dental/Facial Practitioner has been the Principal/Owner of The Hasland Dental Practice in Chesterfield for the last 20 years.


After having undergone several certificated training courses and running a successful Facial Aesthetics Practice ’Saving Face‘, for a number of years, she decided to under-go yet further training and is now undertaking an M.S.C. in ’Non-Surgical Facial Aesthetics‘ at Lancashire University.

As well as developing and expanding her range of treatments available, Samantha feels that with this type of qualification, all her patients can feel happy that they are in ’Safe Hands‘.

Our Practice is fully C.Q.C. compliant, I.H.A.S/Treatments You Can Trust Approved/Registered and a member of The British Dental Association’s ’Good Practice Scheme‘.

All our patients can feel rest assured that all treatment is provided in a relaxed, safe environment, carried out by a fully qualified dental professional, assisted by her friendly and dedicated team.

182 Hasland Road  |  Chesterfield  |  S41 0AG

Saving Face Facial Aesthetics : Clinician - Samantha Thompson

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